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This is a cartoon about the change. Masters of Scrooge is a miser out of the name, the film at the beginning of the many plots have proved this point. For money, he could reluctantly sacrificial fee and then pay the partner from the eyes of the dead, remove the two pence; his nephew in the face of well-meaning nephew greeting satire hypocrisy, and that there is no money to make money also sent days can not be happy; he can in a loving day, the face of charity fund-raising cold and mocking those who refused. In his world, never just money, only the income and never squeeze, the world of love and warmth, in his opinion worthless, he would live the day to day so stubborn and lonely life, no friends, no greeting, accompanied him, only those who save more more money.

In yet another Christmas Eve, he returned to his home alone, locked the door when the door but was startled by the ghost of terror, the next in a series of strange is scared to let him know what to do. Died seven years ago to become a partner to find the ghost of his painful past to regret his actions and told Scrooge still have the opportunity to change, saying that three ghosts will come to him, and then disappear . Scrooge shaken quickly encountered the first ghost, that is his past, the ghost of the past with his back to his childhood Christmas, the film is here at last out of the horror film of the color and the wonderful story full turn . He saw a child riding a snowmobile and good partners happy running; he saw sitting in that school alone their own classroom; he saw his sister had been concerned; he saw his former teacher; he saw his acquaintance with his girlfriend . Everything is so beautiful, when these memories fresh in our memory when Scrooge cute smile, this is the beginning of the hateful old man movie very different, in fact, in his heart, the memories are still there, he can still remember, only the interests of these good years and buried in the depths of the soul, so he did not remember. Then the ghost of the past brought him the day he and his wife separated, the young Scrooge was growing up, life and social pressure make him more afraid of poverty, he began to become more and more emphasis on money, have begun to slowly lose sight of their lover, when she was angry he was not allowed to put forward when the dissolution of marriage, facing her, "Do you still pursue a legacy of poor parents did not leave the girls?" The question, he speechless indifference can only be looked at love to leave. It is also since then become a real Scrooge miser, since the love for money are able to give, and what should he go to nostalgia. Sit in the old Scrooge looked at it all, after all, difficult to face, angry, fighting the fire back to the past now. Video here, the inside of Scrooge has played some small changes, and the next story, then let him make greater changes.

Back home after Scrooge soon to see the second ghost, that is his now. Now the soul of humor make him the perspective of looking down from heaven, the whole world, let him take a look at the human good and evil, joy and bitterness, and took him to a strange house staff Klein, when he saw because of his harsh Clay strange result because of the family money, only when Christmas Eve to eat roast duck; when he saw the result because of his bitter sweet little Raimi can not heal when the lame; Christmas dinner table when he heard strange Klein thanks to him, his cold heart finally has a trace of warmth, he was ashamed, and regretted that he knew, that he's cold and mean to others has brought so much harm, and later the scene of his nephew home also let him know he's mean to bring the majority of people only hate and ridicule, and only his dear nephew and loyal staff has done on his choice to forgive, in this between love and hate, he began gradually understand the meaning of life. Then the soul is now brought him to the end of life by the ghost of the future take him to his death in the world, no compassion, no one is sad, there are only cursing and ridicule, he was more painful to look after Because of his own sarcastic to volunteer Klein led the children unfortunately dead strange ending, finally, the ghost of the future brought him before a grave, to see the name and the date on the gravestone, he finally know that the Christmas dead man is his own, face the harsh reality, he finally began to truly reflect on his living from the heart, because the money he had lost too much, missed too much, hurt too much, in the face of death , he finally understood how my life should've been, he regretted and struggled, and vowed from the past, present and future all in the lessons learned and re-change yourself. This time, Scrooge has really changed in the future ghosts and he opened a small joke, threw his "death" of the coffin. When Scrooge awoke, they were pleasantly surprised to find himself still alive, glad to have hand, foot and dance together, with the most enthusiasm to meet the new day, he no longer mean the money, buy a turkey and generous people peculiar to the Clay family, hugging his servants, to ask forgiveness to the philanthropist and donated money to his nephew to spend a beautiful Christmas at home, to pay staff and to help take care of Raimi. Plot and the film series here at the beginning of the harsh bitter Scrooge in sharp contrast, in this sense, Scrooge is indeed dead, dead is the soul of the mean, and now he is new, generous, kind-hearted Scrooge, he began his new life, and all this, just his attitude changed it.

Videos in this with love and peace in a perfect ending, I was deeply moved. Throughout the whole film, they must express and show, and what we need in life and experience to face many problems, and our right attitude towards life. From an objective point of view, we are all stingy Scrooge that, stubbornly cling to something, perhaps the money, it may be power, status, fame … … to protect those who do not represent their own things, too many people Select a cold, closed, treachery, hatred, they closed the door to communication with the outside world really, and then, some people choose to completely self-closing, while others choose to false face to face the world. Thus, the world started to become dirty, or more precisely in the eyes of those who get dirty, because in their world, long lost love. This is our sorrow, we foolishly thought was to get them happy, but the fact is we are wrong, we take advantage of these things, we lost more, and those who are lost, it is precisely The most important thing in life. As the eyes of Scrooge's past, he was also a young man full of love and kindness, he has a warm family, beloved wife, good friends, kind of the boss, in his first few decades of life, Every Christmas, he flies makes sense, since that time, he also innocence. Coming back to our own, too, grew up with their own, began to study, work, life has been the pressure, we have gradually lost their innocence, loss of the kind of carefree, reckless life, right , growing up is not so self-willed, is to shoulder their responsibilities, but we can not lose people because of the nature of growing up in that warm things for their love, care for others, social care, this world is built on personal basis, and to false face to the world, the world is false; to love the world face to face, the world is full of love. From Christmas Eve to Christmas, Scrooge in their past experience, present and future, his eyes the whole world has changed, the original boring, cruel world becomes filled with love and joy, but in fact the world and not changed, only change Scrooge himself.

From the present and future in Scrooge saw because of his harsh to others and bring their own injury, the relationship between people is mutual, if you mean to others, and even death when you lose the time no one will feel sad for you. We are now done, have determined their own future, the film half, Scrooge cried request to change all that, he already knows his future is now caused by the behavior. Admittedly, Scrooge is lucky in his imminent death the night before, he got the guidelines, those guidelines through the redemption that he won, he deeply repented of their past behavior, and vowed to make changes. However, this is animation, in reality, we seldom have the opportunity to meet a saint, let him guide us to the lost lives, we can only rely on their own, always review your life, and the areas where poor corresponding changes, so as not to allow themselves a few years back and regret your life. In addition, the film's plot makes me feel a profound meaning, remember, when the soul is now dead, his feet hidden in two terrible children, he told Scrooge, there are two people in this world, a is called ignorance, called greed, we must always guard against them. Yes ah, ignorance and greed, is it not the failure of many people life is it? It is because of ignorance and greed, people will go to firmly grasp something, to the neglect of the most valuable wealth of human nature; also because of ignorance and greed, people will be faced with the hypocrisy of this world, stubbornly that the world is their eyes that way. So, means that too many tragedies.

Finally talk about death. Video makes sense for the elaboration of death, seeing the past and present, the future of the soul went with him after the death of Scrooge's world, but also at that time, Scrutton Wizards thoroughly done their penance in the past, He finally realized that, in the end of life, not take what is, no matter what you stick in the world the moment you leave, you can take away, probably only fond memories of their lifetime the. So, why not let your life be meaningful, some of it? When Scrooge after his death in that pleasantly surprised to find himself still alive, I think I have seen the words "What is happiness, when you see early in the morning when you are alive, that is happiness." When we have a life, cherish it all in front of it, not to order some of the things they do not own the tenacity of the people around this world a little more love and care, so that life will be more meaningful .

Time flies, time is good, change the face of life, we need is grateful and cherished. Life is an attitude, as long as the mentality has changed, everything will get better, to change, just a moment. This article would like to remind ourselves and to those who are immersed in the solitude autistic, life lost, no direction, then let your life on the road in the future, broader and better.

Best wishes, give you.

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